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How can I search through e-mail messages stored with EmailFiler?

You can use both SharePoint Search and the built-in Outlook search functionality to search through your email messages.

How do I file attachments without filing the actual e-mail message?

Simply open the message in Outlook, then drag the desired attachment directly into the desired EmailFiler folder.

When I file a large number of e-mail messages in one go, will I have to stop working to wait for my action to complete?

No, EmailFiler uploads the e-mails to SharePoint in the background and will only prompt you for extra information when needed. You will be able to continue working with Outlook as normal.

What versions of Outlook are supported by EmailFiler?

EmailFiler supports Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. Please contact us if you need support for earlier versions of Outlook.

What versions of SharePoint are supported by EmailFiler?

EmailFiler supports SharePoint 2007 and 2010. Please contact us if you need support for earlier versions of Outlook.

What version of the .NET framework does EmailFiler require to be installed on the client?

EmailFiler does not require the .NET framework to be installed on the client.

Does EmailFiler support prompting the user for required metadata when filing an e-mail message?

By default, EmailFiler will ask the user to provide input for both optional and required metadata columns defined in the SharePoint destination. If desired, EmailFiler can be configured.
to ignore any or all of these columns.

Does EmailFiler support hiding specific sites, document libraries and folders from specific users?

Yes. Because EmailFiler retrieves information directly from the SharePoint server, the extent of that information is governed by the user's access rights as defined in SharePoint.

Can I use Outlook rules to automatically move email to EmailFiler folders?

EmailFiler folders are true Outlook folders. You can therefore apply Outlook rules to EmailFiler folders just as you would to for instance a folder in your Personal Folders.

Can I use EmailFiler to display folders from different SharePoint servers?

Yes, you can add multiple instances of EmailFiler to Outlook. Each instance can be configured to connect to a different site on the same SharePoint server or to different SharePoint servers altogether.

Can I use EmailFiler to move messages between different SharePoint locations?

Yes. Because EmailFiler folders are true Outlook folders, moving messages and folders between them is fully supported.

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EmailFiler key benefits

  • Cutting edge: optimized for SharePoint 2010
  • Archiving: transform personal e-mails to stored business documents
  • Migration: from Exchange Public Folders or H-drive to SharePoint
  • Easy: no training needed for Outlook users
  • Compliant: archive important e-mails to SharePoint
  • Search: maximize the leverage of SharePoint search


I think an IT department could easily switch from using Exchange Public Folders to Sharepoint without anyone else's knowledge.

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Sharepoint Email Solution: EmailFiler

  With EmailFiler, SharePoint Outlook integration is seamless and intuitive. This SharePoint solution saves time, increasing productivity.   SharePoint email filing enables you to share important email with your colleagues and reduces company liability.   Simply drag email or attachments from Outlook to SharePoint, and from SharePoint to Outlook, all from within Outlook.
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